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13th March 2019 : The webmaster is well aware that GDPR has stripped much historical content from this website; names, some faces, attributable comments and photographs. That data has not been lost and has been moved to an alternative platform as a "mirror image plus the redacted sections". The trimmed down version remains.
9th March 2019 : Two photographs added to the Radio 219 document.
29th November 2018 : An updated more modern website written with WordPress in mind but is on hold as we contemplate a house move. We understand that there is also something called "Brexit" in the offing.
17th August 2018 : General Union of Arab Students and their fellow travellers.
17th August 2018 : Further minor addition to "Smuggling" with a map.
9th August 2018 An update on arms smuggling in 1965
27th July 2018 "1st RHA" photographs for those whose service in Dhofar originated in RHA
26th July 2018 : 51 FST - the first FST in Salalah
11th June 2018 "Medical Ethics"  (bottom of the page)
28th April 2018 - A fault in presentation in the RAMC banner and sixteen boxes on the top lines. Does not appear on most PCs or ipads but does on W10 laptops. Trying to fix it but not very enthusiastically.
25th April 2018 : A considerable amount of data has been redacted to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018  which come into force on May the 25th 2018
30th March 2018 "Arms smuggling into Dhofar- Part 1"
23rd March 2018 : "Enemy Tactics and PFLOAG"
15th March 2018 : Warning Order for Op Simba
14th March 2018 :Some broken links in "Documents" fixed.
9th March 2018 "Op Mahra"
2nd March 2018 : Update "Site Index"
27 Feb2018 : Sources : "Hawks of the Hadramout"
23 February 2018 : PDRY Air Threat to Oman
18th February 2018 : Documents - "The Incursion at Habarut"
16th February 2018 Documents "Threats to Oman"
15th February 2018 Documents "Action Against Hauf"
13th February 2018 : Clinical Database Spreadsheet uploaded :Links :Documents-"Prisoners 12,13 and 14"
12th February 2018 : VT 2010 : Mirbat Notes
9th February 2018 : Documents - "Omani FST" : "Diseases on Offer"
8th February 2018 :Documents -Tawi Atair : Philately : Ken Hannah
7th February 2018 :RAF FSTs :Documents- Op Simba : Photographs- Colin Dawson : Bob Atkinson :Trish Sole : Tony Norton : Kevin Keating : Wilf Pugh : Bert Lynch :Geoff Davis :Steve Scott-Davies
6th February 2018 :SAF Museum :Les Viner : Michael Stevens :Nick Cetti : Ivan Houghton
5th February 2018: Bill de Bass: Photographs:Town and Plain :PolyPhotos : Armed Forces Day 2010;Jebel Akhdar 2010:Hornbeam Line 2010 :Deefa 2010 :
4th February2018 : BilldeBass :Photographs : RAF Salalah : Clinical
1st February 2018 Photographs: Bud Holder: SOAF/Marbat/Habarut/Hauf
29th January 2018 :Johnston photographs implemented and as there are links to "Cinical" the Nosworthy Cards have been uploaded.
27th January : "Report from PDRY","PDRY's Problems","RAVC","Psyops","Intelligence","Directive from Commander Dhofar","Abdication","Know Your Enemy","RE Documents/Photographs almost complete". Photographs webpages commenced.
22nd January 2018 :"The Postie's Tale","The Adu is a rebel and he lives up on the jebel","The Anaesthetist's Tale","The Affair at Mirbat","Situation Reports","Maps and Diagrams","The Radiographer's Tale"
20thJanuary 2018 :"Visitors","The Station Medical Officer","The Laboratory Report","Radiographer's Report","Incoming FST","Operating Theatre Book","Anaesthetist's Reports","The Mirbat Gun","Who financed the war in Dhofar?","SOAF Aircraft in 1972","Snowdrops in Salalah","Team Members","Mine Warefare","Radio 219","Timeline","Local Overseas Alliance","FST Customer Base","ORB Form 540"
16th January 2016 :"Accommodation","Case report of an interesting gunshot wound", "The last FST in Oman", "Airattack threat and the air defence of RAF Salalah", "Casualty Mortality", 2The Last FST - Tail End Charlies", "Supporting Allies in a counterinsurgency","Casualty Evacuation Timelines","Casulaty Evacuation-Op Storm","Blast Injury from a PNM Mine","The Surgeon's Tale","Surgeon's Reports 1972","Neostigmine and Diathermy- Yet Again","Palms, Blue Skies and sandy beaches","Station Brief","Ambulance and Hut"
14th Jabuary 2017 :"What happens when the wells  run dry ", "the Technician's Tale", "The Tri-Service Anaesthetic Apparatus", "Battle Casualties", "War Casualties in Oman - A limited experience"
13th Jan 2018 : "Anaesthesia", "Death from Natural Causes", "Instant Arab NHS", "Oman where women now have their say.."
12th Jan 2018 :"Other Incarnations of 55 FST", "Adoo medical kit"
11th Jan 2018 : Documents "The Telegraphist's Tale", "FST Standing Orders", "The Arab state gripped by a Soviet reign of terror", "Childrens' Army", "Anaesthetist in Salalah", "55 Field Surgical Team  Salalah 1972","Medic in a Secret War",,"Surgery in the Front Line","Bullet wound to the skull"
8th Jan 2017 ; Documents "Wind of Ball" and "Commcen"
6th Jan 2018 : ORB 540 January to March 1972  Extracts only : RAF Form 836
5th Jan 2018 : ORB 540 1971 April to December   Extracts only
4th Jan 2018 "ORB 540" detail April 1972 Extracts only
3rd Jan 2018 : "330 Britons" "RAF Base Rocket Attack" "Officers Who die on a distant battlefield" "Sultan in Suffolk"
30th Dec 2017 :Documents : "Resupply Scandal" "Salalah Song" "Noble Prizes"
22 Dec 2017 : Documents : 2.5 documents  of 97 documents uploaded. Further updates after my stint in Lapland
21 Dec 17 "Comment","History" and "Sources" have been uploaded
18 Dec 17 : "Introduction" has been uploaded