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16th August 2017 : Two contemorary maps entered under "Maps and Diagrams" in Documents
17th March 2017 ; a review of Sultan Qaboos's time in UK especially in Suffolk
8th of October : Some photographs taken by Les Viner in the Photoraphs section; some more to come when they have been processed.
8th July 2016 :(The Firepower ! Museum closed on the 8th July 2016 as the target of 200k visitors a year had not been reached. Some of the exhibits will be on display at the new Heritage Centre at Larkhill when it opens in 2020 ? What is now to become of the Mirbat Gun is not clear)
9th April 2016 : Mine Warfare
7th April 2016 : Intelligence report for March 1972
19th March 2016 : Links to various other websites which have video content of the war in Dhofar
14th March 2016 : The Royal Engineers in Dhofar  -A work in progress -
8th March 2016 : Problems in the PDRY
4th March 2016 : Addition to the page on SOAF and Hauf. The reaction by PDRY in the UN Security Council.
3rd March 2016 : Update of "Who paid for the war"
2nd March 2016 ; Update "SOAF and Habrut" HMG's instructions to seconded personnel
2nd March 2016 ; Update to "Local Overseas Allowance"
1st March 2016 "Know Your Enemy"
22nd February 2016 : Signals sent to and from the RAF Salalah CommCen on the day and after the "Abdication"
10th November 2015 : Directive from CSAF to Commander Dhofar March 1972 (Documents)
6th November 2015 : Some comments about Psyops . Forgive the graphical pun. ( I am trapped at my desk as my spouse has a fractured ankle and so a few more items may appear)
24th February 2015 The link to the video of the heli landing the casuaties from Marbat has been re-established. in *,wmv and *.mpg format.
28th January 2015 : The documents page, in particular, has become rather unweildy so one entry on the title bar -The Last FST- has been moved and a site index has been substituted.
25th January 2015 : The Documents section is still pitted with broken URLs. I am in the process of fixing them.
25th January 2015 : Documents page has been updated and many of the errors corrected.
24th January 2015 : Royal Army Veterinary Corps Report from 1972
19th January 2015 : Casualty Evacuation  S/Sgt Moores
17th January 2015: An entry in "Documents" referring to the "Calendar of Events" as recorded by HM Embassy in South Yemen or PDYR.

Many of the future postings will have originated in the PRO in Kew as personal records have now  pretty well dried up and are few and far between. This is not what I intended but does reflect what was going on further up the pay scale even as far as the Sultan himself.

7th January 2015 : The disappearance of the website attracted some "clear advice" from a colleague close to Carlton who suggested that I should reinstated it PDQ. It will happen bit by bit.

18th November2014: The website was closed down four days ago to clear away files that had been inserted into the system and corrupted it. This incarnation is - hopefully - a clean version which should have few problems.

13th June 2014 : I know that I may be preaching to the converted but I now have clarity of vision and saturated colours which I have not had for years. Two IOL implants in two weeks with no discomfort and no complications courtesy of the Nuffield Hospital in Ipswich...
29th April 2014 : Photographs taken by Kevin Keating who was an RAMC nurse in the FST in 1976
2nd March 2014 :"The Anaesthetists Tale" A personal diary kept in 1972 by the webmaster and transcribed using "Dragon Speaking Naturally" from an A5 pencilled version.
1st March 2014 :Update of Bob Atkinson's page with the inclusion of the CDS's report to the Secretary of State
27th February 2014 : Bob has passed on his diary which covers a time that I have not been able to record on the website so far. If anyone is in contact with any of that team if they could persuade them to upload any material to me for inclusion on the website I would be most grateful.
24th February 2014 : A photograph from Bob Atkinson of the FST in place in late 1971. The colours may be a bit odd as I have enhanced them subject to the variations that my cataracts impose. My local hospital consultant in Bury St Edmunds tells me this is of no consequence as I live in  Norfolk but have an Ipswich postcode.....No it does not make sense to me either.
25th July 2013: Encouraged by BT's interest in Croxton, who now declare it to be the Government's first village to be given high speed broadband, although there was no commercial reason to do so, there seems good reason to repair faults and upload some better quality images. Download speeds of 37.5Mbs/sec and upload speeds of 8Mbs/sec are now consistent and will save a lot of hanging around ! Just in case you are wondering the new heir to the throne  is at the other end of Norfolk and not near Croxton in the south; no strings were pulled.
4th March 2012 : It is raining so a few very short videos taken at the time of the Veterans' Tour have been added.
1st March 2012; Some photographs from Colin DAWSON whose association with Dhofar covers the early 70s to the mid 80s
25th February 2012 : Some recent photographs of Jebel Akhdar (2010) and three modern photographs of Deefa with a map and some Google Earth images. Several photographs of the Wadi Darbat with some reflections on the hazards in Paradise. Several recent photographs and diagrams from the Hornbeam Line have also been included.
24th February 2012 : Part of "Documents" page repaired.
18th February 2012: My computer was taken over remotely sometime after the 19th of January. The warning was manifest as a sudden huge unaccountable increase in website use (x 4) earlier in the week. Website, Dropbox, Photoshop and Exel files were all used and altered. About 75Mb of files were deleted from this website. The files have been restored from the remote backup or from the original data drive and passwords have been altered. Hopefully it will now be secure. There may be errors and broken links. Please e-mail me if you come across them billdebass@btinternet.com
16th February 2012; Half a dozen photographs from Tony Norton RAMC have been added.
27th January 2012: The solution appears to be through Vimeo rather than YouTube and in due course the various videos will be embedded in the website.  It will only happen slowly as each clip has to be edited, rendered and uploaded.
19th January 2012 : The SOAF videos of Marbat and Habrut load and then play. This is rather cumbersome but works with Expression Web 4. Windows only at the moment as there is more to life than trying to integrate with iPad.
14th January 2012 : Tawi Atair
9th Janauary 2012 : Map of Western Dhofar - best viewed as a *.pdf
2nd January 2012 : Maps & Diagrams section started in the "Documents" area. The maps take a while to create so this section will be slow to implement.
28th December 2011 : The airfield ACR7D radar, the sewage truck and the piston Provost from Alan James
19th December 2011 : Former FSTs  Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov
11th December 2011;  Front page to "Documents" repaired
7th November : Any additions to the website have been delayed. Firstly by a trip around the Black Sea in the first half of October and then perhaps by water in the broadband box at the top of the village which brought my connection to a halt on the 28th October. Long intercontinental conversations to southern India, holes excavated in the Croxton pavements and attention to the "multiplexer" in the Thetford exchange failed to resolve the problem. A new router to replace my faithful 7 year old Netgear device appears to have sorted out the problem..
7th November 2011:The Government and the MOD were anxious to keep British involvement covert.
The sultan had at one time worried over quite what PDYR intentions were and brought up the question of air defence with the British.
The Defence attaché in Muscat had raised the issue with members of SOAF at a boozy reception.
A number of "Sitreps" have been added to the website
11th October : The deniability issue of the involvement of British Forces when dealing with the Press or even the St Albans Young Liberals Association.
10th October : Intended deployment of British personnel from the UK and BAOR
8th October: The question was raised over the provision of Interceptors for SOAF to counter a potential air threat from PDRY. Much was made of who might pay what for other aspects of the war
4th October 2011: A few additions have been made to the Timeline but no major sections have been started.
14th September 2011 : "The Adu is a rebel and he lives up in the jebel" Who were the adoo ?
29th August : Further photographs from Alan Marshall and some comments on the operating practices in the Commcen
22nd August 2011 : Anecdotes and photographs from Alan Marshall who deployed to the Commcen in 1971 from Episkopi