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  RAF Documents
July to November 1975
1. "Anaesthetist in Salalah"Anaesthesia,
     1976, Volume 31, pages 1049 - 1053
     Experience in a field surgical team.

      Geoffrey Sharwood-Smith

2. "Strategic Bombing - Hunter Style"
       Air Pictorial  July 1994

The successor to this publication is "Aviation News" and Derek Knoll,  the editor, has given permission for this article to be reproduced on the website.

The comments listed below are from e-mails received  as the website has grown and refer to July to November 1975

"Apart from the casualties listed there we also dealt with 550-600 outpatients per month - that is between the three MO's - two surgeons and one anaesthetist."  GSS

"Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the junior surgeon - his first name was Tim. He told me then that he couldn't wait to retire though he was about the same age as me at the time - I had my 30th birthday in October which concided with the launching of 'Oktoberfest' the climax to the ?  five year campaign in Dhofar when several Hunters (ex RAF followed by ex RJAF) based at Thumrait launched a series of attacks in and around the Yemeni port of Hauf."    GSS
"The drawings add a personal touch - they were for Peter who was at home and then aged 20 months. I had no artists materials and they were drawn on letter paper with office fibretips"  GSS
"You probably remember the supplies from RAF Masirah - the Skyvan took Tim to the Kuria Muria Islands to do a clinic once a month" GSS
"All this is just in case you look at the pictures that I have sent you and think that we did not do any work! " GSS