Trish Sole

Hi Bill,

Am sending you 3 pics of one of the team from 1975.

I took them of him assessing people on Kuria Muria.

You will know who he is but I have forgotten. Little did I realise at the time that I was witnessing history being made and although I have many photos, I did not keep good written records.

I am sending them because I think is important to have a record of ones life, especially the exciting and romantic bits that seem incredible as one ages (disgracefully) I hope you can send them to him.

If not, just add them to the collection.

If you are interested, other photos of mine can be seen on David Cuthbertson's site under 'Civil Aid' (David Cutherbertson's site closed after he passed away)

Kind Regards

Trish Sole

(nurse at Salalah hospital 1975-76)


Hi Bill,

Thanks for replying so quickly.
It’s a great thing , this 12 hour time difference, great for messaging!
YES, I am in New Zealand (born here but travelled as many kiwi nurses do)

Like you, I did not get out much in Salalah.

We nurses were in a fenced compound between the hospital and the sea and we were not supposed to wander around alone.

Not that there was much time-we worked 6 days a week.

Working in that hospital was an entertainment in itself but I have vivid memories of awful things happening.

I hardly knew the town but was really lucky to get to fly on the medical visits to the jebel and NE coast.

I did have a few evenings and one Christmas dinner at the SOAF mess which kept me sane.

Sadly, I have lost touch with everyone I knew at the time which is one reason why I now share my images because I am very grateful for the ones that have been given to me.

Photographs have such power to evoke memories and emotion.

I have really enjoyed reading through your site, especially the surgical photos , as I used to be a theatre nurse before coming to Oman.

I have never seen hairy chests in theatre before.

Keep up the good work of keeping people connected J

Kind regards,

Trish Sole

Does anyone know his name ?  - webmaster
Hi Bill

The 'RAF MO examining the boy' Trish Sole's photographs is David Davison. I worked with him at RAF Hospital Ely where he was the consultant general surgeon with the rank of Wing Commander. He later rose to Air Vice Marshall and I believe he served as honorary surgeon to the Queen. Hope this helps fill in a small gap in your excellent web site.

For your info I spent nine months with the FST in 1976 as one of the two RAF personnel in the Medical Centre, worked with four teams during my tour. I appear in Geoff  Lynch's group photo on his page in the RAF FST's section.

kind regards, Norman Lister
All of the FSTs spent some time in in the local hospital giving what assistance they could. As time went by and it was safe to do so, when the opportunity arose, the later teams also gave assistance, not only on the mainland, but on the Kuria Muria Islands. In early 1972 the Matron in the hospital was a nurse whose husband worked for TayWood.