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"As a recently retired ex-army nurse I was clearing things out and found my GSM with Dhofar Clasp (long forgotten) and something sparked, so I decided to look back at things and found John Soul's "The surgeons Tale" of the FST in 1976. I found it very interesting, particularly the bit about the "matron" and "Henry" the chameleon."


"You see I was the Matron". 


"I will give John that I was short and fair haired, but "Cockney" no! I am a Yorkshireman!"


"I remember the things we went through; The 7 hours with "Peter" particularly, But also the other things."


"I have photos of the loofa tree Henry lived in,and Henry himself, the medical center, Salalah town, Seeb, Muscat and much more. I have over 50 photos of life in the FST base on a day to day basis and much more if you are interested."


"Bob Scot who he took over from was an excellent surgeon and CO if a bit eccentric. He brought a set of bagpipes out with him and would march out into the bondoo in his shorts of an evening and stand there playing the pipes, much to the amusement of the locals. A character sadly missed. I greatly admired Don who taught me a lot out there. I remember reading he had passed away some time ago."


KK. Gorleston-on-Sea April 2014