EMO Inhaler on it's stand.  
There was an EMO inhaler at the FST when the webmaster arrived.  The EMO was a device to vaporise ether - an anaesthetic agent with great capacity to cause explosions.

The  ether was placed in the large metal tank on the right which contained a large water bath whose purpose was to act as a heat sink to prevent the ether cooling as it evaporated and its concentration varying. The webmaster had been trained in its use at Millbank where one or two ENT sessions were done with ether as a familiarisation exercise. Apart from being less efficient than ether it also made the ENT consultant quite frisky which led to its own problems not in the least his capacity to find his way home on the tube without upsetting other passengers.

In the time that the webmaster was anaesthetist in Salalah the EMO
remained in the store gathering dust.