Colin Dawson

"I was in Salalah with the RN nothing to do with the medics. This was a 'Fleeting' visit in '71 on our way up to Masirah help fix their desalination plant.


I was a Gunner on board a frigate at the time. Raysut wasn't constructed then and a civvy ship we were travelling with was unloading via rafts to the shore.


An uncle of mine (A P&O Skipper) said he used to deliver ammunition to Salalah. So perhaps that's what the civvy ship was delivering.


We on board had no idea anything was happening in Dhofar. We didn't even know it was Oman we were laying off. It was only when I received the bumpf on getting a job as a WO1 medic in the FST in '83 that I realised the geography and where we were in the 70's. We knew we were close to the Gulf somewhere."

"I am currently an NHS RGN/ODP working in Eastbourne DGH but was in Salalah in 1971 with the RN very briefly then later as a WO1 Medic from SAF in Salalah (83-88)."

"I wasn't working in anaesthetics then I used to run the Wards initially then took over Resus by the side of the helipad in FST."

"We were a contract team trying to pick up the pieces from several attempts to take over from the Brit Regular Teams. Our team was more successful and eventually we set up the Theatres,X-Ray,Casualty and Wards etc in UAG Hospital. The FST Buildings in SOAF Salalah were then used as a Med Centre."