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300 Britons in a foreign war
51 FST
Adoo  is a rebel and he lives up on the jebel
Adoo Medical Provision
Air attack threat and air defence of RAF Salalah
Airfield Information Exchange - Has now become the Airfield Research Group
Ambulance and Hut.
Anaesthetist in Salalah - Geoffrey Sharwood-Smith
Anaesthetists Reports
Anaesthetist, The Anaesthetist's Tale
Arab state gripped by a Soviet reign of terror
Arms Smuggling in 1965
Battle casualties
Blast injury from a PNM mine
  refer to the war in Dhofar    
  "A Mild Form of Insanity" TUSON, Mike  
  "A Monk in the SAS" SIBLEY, Paul  
  "Dangerous Fontiers" RAY, Bryan  
  "Hawks of the Hadramaut" ALLFREE, P.S.  
  "In the Service of the Sultan" GARDINER, Ian  
  "Mercenaries - Counter Insurgency in the Gulf" HALLIDAY, Fred  
  "Muscat Command"-Thwaites THWAITES, P  
"Oman's Insurgencies" PETERSON, J.E
  "SAS Secret War" COLE, R  
  "SAS Secret War - Opeation Storm" JEAPES, T.  
  "Soldier 'I'" WINNER, P  
  "Special Men Special War" NIVEN, B.M  
  "Statebuilding and Counterinsurgency in Oman" WORRALL,J  
  "Storm Front" WHITE, R.  
  "Supporting Allies in Counterinsurgency" LADWIG III,W  
  "The Butcher's Bill" de BASS, FWJ  
  "The Dhofar War and Its Significance" McKEOWN, J  
  "The Secret War-Dhofar 1971/72" ARKLESS, D.C.  
  "Unshook Until the End of Time" ALSON & LAING  
  "Special Men Special War" NIVEN, B.M  
  "Where Soldiers Fear To Tread" FIENNES, R  
  "Who Dares Wins" GERAGHTY, A  
  "We Won a War" AKEHURST, J  
  "With the SAS and other Animals" HIGGINS, A  
  Relating to Oman in general    
  "Arabia without Sultans" HALLIDAY, F  
  "Buraimi" MORTON, M  
  "Letters From Oman" GYWNNE-JAMES, D  
  "Maverick Guide to Oman" OCHS, P  
"Oman. The true -Life Drama and Intrigue of an Arab State" BEASANT,J
"Sultan in Arabia - A Private Life" BEASANT,J
  "Sultan in Oman" MORRIS, Jan  
  "The DNA of Salalah"-Dhofar" DEKEERSMAEKER,M  
  "Unknown Oman" PHILLIPS, Wendell  
  "Warlords of Oman" ALLFREE, P.S  
  "Without Glory in Arabia - The British Retreat from Aden" HINCHCLIFFE et al  
  "Dust and Fury" BARNETT, D  
  "The Feathermen" FIENNES, R  
  "The War Quellers" GEORGE, M  
  Relating to the RAMC in general    
  "Medic" NICHOLL  
  "The Conscript Doctors" BLAIR, J.S.G.  
  Relating to military matters    
  "Bell UH-1 Huey" BISHOP, C  
  "Jet Provost" CLARKE, R  
  "The 25-pounder Field Gun 1939-72" HENRY, C  
Britons injured RAF base hit by Arab rocket attack
Bullet wound to the skull
Casualty evacuation timelines - An evidence based review
Casualty Evacuation - Op Storm Guidelines
Casualty mortality
Childrens' Army
Commander Dhofar, Directive
Commcen - Alan Marshall
Counterinsurgency - Supporting Allies
Customer base
Death from natural causes
Desert boots
Directive to Commander Dhofar
Dhofar Forces
Diseases on offer
Enemy Tactics and PFLOAG
Field experience with the Tri-Service anaesthetic machine
FST, Customer base
FST, Other Incarnations
FST standing orders
Gun, The Mirbat Gun
Habarut, The Incursion at
Hannah, Ken
Hauf, Action Against
Helicopter landing with Mirbat casualties
HM Embassy report PDRY
Hornbeam line -refer RE Photographs in "Documents"
Incoming FST
Instant Arab NHS
Interesting gunshot wound
"Know Your Enemy"
Laboratory Report - Dave Barrow
Last FST in Oman
Links to Video Sources
Local Overseas Allowance
Maps and Diagrams : includes two contemporary maps provided by Paul C
Mine Warfare
Mirbat, The Affair at
Mirbat, VT 2010 Notes and Images
Neostigmine and Diathermy - Yet again !
Nikolai Pirogov
Noble prizes for Dhofar
Officers who die on a distant battlefield
Omani FST
Oman, The Threats to
Oman, where women now have a say.
Operating theatre record book
Operation Jaguar
Op Mahra
Operation Simba (including the Warning Order)
Operational Record Book F540
Other incarnations of 55FST
Palms, blue skys and sandy beaches.
PDRY, Possible Retaliatory Air Threat
PDRY Problems
Postie - THe Postie's Tale
Press and the SAS
Prisoner 12,13, and 14
Radio 219
Radiographer's Report - Roger Hicks
Radiographer's Tale - Bob Atkinson
RAF form 836 - Additional information
Resupply scandal
Resupply revisited
Royal Engineers in Dhofar
Salalah Song
Simba, Operation -Photographs taken during VT 2010
Situation Reports
Smuggling, Arms into Dhofar 1965 - Part 1
Snowdrops in Salalah
SOAF Aircraft in 1972
SOAF and Marbat
Starling, Pete - Three articles
Station brief for incoming team
Station Medical Officer - Nick Cetti
Sultan in Suffolk
Surgeon's Reports - April,May, June 1972
Sultan's Armed Forces Association
Surgery in the front line, Medic in a secret war, 55FST in Salalah
Tailend Charlies - The Last FST
Tawi Atair
Team members
The Anaesthetist's Tale
The Postie's Tale
The Radiographers Tale - Bob Atkinson
The Surgeon's Tale - John Soul
The Technicians Tale. - Dave Barrow
The Telegraphist's Tale
Tri-service anaesthetic apparatus
Veterans' Tour 2010
Vetinerary Report 1971 - GR Durrant RAVC
Video Links
War casualties in Oman - a limited experience
Website statistics
What happens when the wells run dry ?
Who financed the war in Dhofar ?