Veterans  Tour
The Hornbeam Line
The Hornbeam Line was a massive feat of military engineering and stretched due north from the coast to the negd some 45 kms to the west of Salalah. It was commenced in the post-monsoon period of 1972. The terrain was extremely difficult and the supply of engineering material in the form of stakes and barbed wire was achieved mainly by helicopter. Once the material was there it was no mean feat to drive the metal stakes into the rocky ground.

The purpose of the Line was to deny the adoo access from the west to the east and limit the supplies that they could use to pursue their activities against RAF Salalah and various villages and towns on the plain and the jebel.

The lower end of the line was visited on the Veterans Tour and three photographs are presented below. There were some good contempraneous photographs on David Cuthbertson's Dhofar Website which vividly showed the terrain and gave an indication of the difficulties that were overcome to create and patrol the barrier. He passed away in 2016 and the website closed.