Veterans  Tour
The waterless Deefa position was occupied by SAF and it was from here that it became apparent that the Front had established a supply depot in the caves at Shershitti. It was the base from which the final assault in 1975 was made south to Stonehenge and Point 980 before capturing the stores complex and 100 tons of supplies. SAF then moved on towards the Darra Ridge.
Map of Deefa and Shirshitti
The cave complex was only seen in the distance during the veterans tour. I understand that the caves were in the side of a wadi and were formed in the softer sedimentary rock which was overhung by harder rock and were long rather than deep. They contained stores, administrative facilities and even a dedicated simple hospital area. They were of high strategic value to the insurgents and were defended with vigour.
  Modern "Google" photographs of Shirshitti caves and the Deefa area.