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March to July 1972
These are the initial injuries  -  Delayed primary suture and follow up have not been included
Date Name Card Sources
29th March Taher Ahmen 005
  Salim 006  
  Mohammed Pais 007  
1st April Burkheit Ahmed 010  
2nd April MOD Compilation  
3rd April Khalfan 013  
  Mohammed Khamis 014  
5th April MOD Compilation  
6th April Salim Masalim 022  
8th April Issa bin Allaman 024  
9th April MOD Compilation  
15th April Khamsim Salim 029  
17th April     "Operation SIMBA"
19th April Mohammed Ahmed Said 031 (Border)(W)
19th April MOD Compilation  
20th April Abdulla Murabak 032  
  Mohammed Hassan 033  
21st April MOD Compilation  
22nd April MOD Compilation  
23rd April Ali Mohammed 037  
  Salim Said Amur 040  
23rd April MOD Compilation  
25th April Salim Ahmed 043  
26th April Mohammed Sail 046  
27th April Abdulla Mutalib Yusaf Farah 047  
  Johnathan Crispin 048  
  Salim Masook 049  
  Bakhir 050  
2nd May Husain 059  
4th May Sulamin Salim 062  
5th May MOD Compilation            "Attack on Habrut"
6th  May Salim Sahale 126
  Salim bin Ali 127  
7th May Hugh Jones 128
  Salim Ardan 129  
Sammam Abaid 130
  Robin Hastie-Smith 063
  Mohammed Morwow 064  
9th May MOD Compilation  
17th May Female from Taqah 086  
24th May Woman from the West 095  
  Ben Hodgson 097
  Sulamin Ahmed 098
  Salim Masaud 099
24th May MOD Compilation / PD  
25th May Bukhut Ahmed 102 "Attack on Hauf"
Mohammed Ali 103
25th May MOD Compilation/PD  
26th May Meioosan Ahmed 109
27th May Mohammed Khamis 107
  Aegum Aesalome 108  
  Mohammed Omar 110  
28th May Abdulla Issa 113
29th May Fadoor Sangoor 115
30th May Personal Diary  
31st May BATT 124
2nd June Mohammed Hassan Ahmed 135  
5th June Hamed bin Said 141  
  Burkheit bin Ahmed 142  
  Said bin Rashid 143  
  Said bin Mohammed 144  
  Said bin Amin 145
8th June Hamid bin Salim 150  
  Bill Cooper 151
9th June Peter Hulme 152 "RCL attack on Officers' Mess"
  Mike Tuson 153  
  Robert Ferrier 154  
  Russ Peart 155  
  Vince Nadin 156  
  John Smith 157  
  John Hinchcliffe 158  
  Peter Gordon-Smith 159  
  Salim bin Mohammed 160  
  Mohammed 161  
  Mohammed Hassan 162  
  Joshef Osman 164  
  Kharim Busch 165
10th June Personal Diary  
13th June Mubarik 174  
14th June Salim Mohammed 175  
15th June Mohammed Noor 184
16th June Salim Khalfan 185  
19th June MOD Compilation  
26th June Ali Adam 196  
28th June Personal Diary  
1st July Abdulla Said 203  
  Arra Raggab 204  
3rd July BATT 206  
9th July Mohammed Said Sahail 212  
  Ali Mahad 213  
11th July Said Ali Ahmed 216  
  Mustail bin Said 217  
  Salim Said 218  
13th July Personal Diary  
19th July BATT 227
  Walid Khamis 228 "Attack on Mirbat"
  BATT 229  
  Mustaq Farhan 230  
  Mohammed Matooq 231  
  Awi Salim 232  
20th July Rajab 233  
  SAF/Firqa 234  
  Salim Ahmed 235  
  Ahmed Sali 236  
  Mossaher Saliaf 237  
  Sahah Garam 238  
  Hamid Dagar 239  
  Hamid Said 240  
  Ali Alimand 241  
  Mohammed Said 242  
  Hamid bin Said 243  
  Ahmed Sahal 244  
  Salim Hamid 245  
  Hamid Said Ali 246  
  Mussalam Ahmed 247  
  Said Ali Salem 248  
  Said Salem Musallem 249  
23rd July Personal Diary  
Key General Comment  
  MOD Compilation  
  SAF Journal  
  "In the Service of the Sultan"  
  "Dangerous Frontiers"  
  "Oman's Insurgencies"  
  Personal Diary  
  ORB F540 OC RAF Salalah  
  John Graham Diary 
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