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As time has gone by the website has not addressed very much of what was happening outside the immediate environs of RAF Salalah. Few links have been made with the military activities that were occurring at the time.
The intention in this section of the website is to explore the circumstances surrounding the wounding of those patients who were admitted to the FST. Comment about what was happening in Dhofar at the time is also included.

The period from 28th March 1972 to the 27th July 1972 will be covered. This period starts with the first anaesthetic given by the Johnston team and ends with their last anaesthetic given by Pete Canning whilst one of the other OTTS operated.

The right hand column in the table refers to what was going on at the time but it may not be where the casualty was injured.
The basis for the timeline comes from the FST anaesthetic records and from the summary of the Dhofar War made by BATT and released by the PRO in 2005. It is available from the PRO under the reference DEFE 13/779. The other sources that have been used are defined in the "Key" at the bottom of the list of wounded.

I hope to commence the timeline in the autumn of 2010 and gradually allow it to progress as time allows. Any comments will be most welcome.
24th August 2010