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RAF Form 836
55 Field Surgical Team
                                                                           RAF Salalah
                                                                           BFPO 66
Principal Medical Officer
May 1972
RAF Form 836

1.  The SMC and FST is not a hospital unit despite our holding capacity

2.  All DDA stocks received from Med Akrotiri are entered on B.Med 13 and RAF Form 4909 and are signed out on issue by a registered nurse or Doctor. They are also prescribed on Form 6573

3.  As this is not a hospital and does not have a dispensary or a dispenser there is no justification in in my opinion for RAF Form 836

4.  If however it is felt that these forms should be raised the may I suggest that a dispenser and extra clerical staff be assigned to this unit.

J.G. Johnston
Major RAMC
Commanding 55FST
Copy to : RAF Masirah
We did not gain a dispenser, not that we wanted one, but we did gain some notoriety and a reputation  for being "difficult" especially in the arena of inter-service relationships.
The camp was RAF Salalah and  was quite rightly run by RAF rules and regulations but to try and impose a second set of rules on a Royal Army Medical Corps team which contributed not one jot to the efficiency of the team was a step too far.