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Defence and Security.

a. Enemy Attacks. At 0030 on the 16th, four mortar rounds landed near Hedgehog Charlie. Fire was returned at once; in the morning quantities of blood and several dead cattle were found in the area where the friendly fire had landed. At 2320 on the 26th, a close range machine gun attack on Hedgehog Bravo took place. The enemy fired some 500 rounds from a position to the rear of Bravo , and registered numerous hit on the OP tower, though fortunately without effect. Fire was returned from the Hedgehog, but no results were observed. At 1320 on the 31st, four mortar rounds were fired at Hedgehog Bravo, landing short. Fire was returned, and on this occasion a pair of aircraft were scrambled by SOAF and strafed the area of the enemy position. Again no casualties were incurred and no results observed.
b. Enemy Contacts. As usual, numerous ZB 298 contacts were obtained during the month, and frequently fired on, but no results observed. However, the attack on Hedgehog Bravo from behind shows that the Adoo are able to wander over the plain at will, and will approach quite close to the station perimeter undetected by coming down the wadis which are shielded from the ZB 298 positions. It is apparent that the SAF night-time patrols on the plain have little effect, either as deterrent or as a defensive measure in the event of an attack.
c. General. During May there were a number of border classes between SAF and People's Democratic Republic of Yemen forces, in which SOAF were also concerned. As a result, it was felt that a significant, though small, possibility of retaliatory air attack on Salalah existed. Accordingly, the station defences were boosted by the addition of two .50 calibre machine guns on anti-aircraft mounts, weapons which had been withdrawn from the Hedgehogs. The feeling at Salalah is still one of security, since no enemy round has fallen inside the perimeter since last monsoon, however, this feeling may be dissipated when this year's monsoon arrives. During May RAF Regiment changeover took place; the Hedgehogs are now manned by a detachment of 2 Squadron RAF Regiment under the command of Flt Ly Ryan.