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10. Defence and Security
a. Attacks. At 1945 on the 17th of March, 3 rounds of 75mm RCL fire landed 1000 metres south of Hedgehog Bravo, and at the same time small arms fire was observed to the north west of Hedgehog Charlie. This was one of the first co-ordinated attacks since the last monsoon season. The RCL baseplate was accurately located, fired on by the 25 pounder guns, but no results were observed. No casualties were incurred or damage caused at Salalah. At 1002 on the 21st, two 75mm RCL rounds landed between Hedgehog Bravo and the airfield. As this attack occurred in daylight, the muzzle-flash of the enemy weapon was not visible: in the absence of a positive target, Defensive Fire was laid down on known enemy base-plate positions. Again no results were observed and no casualties or damage received.

b. Enemy Contacts. On several occasions during the month, good ZB 298 contacts were fired on by 25pdr, 81 mm mortar and GPMG as appropriate. However, total nocturnal activity on the plain was no more than in other recent months, and followed established patterns of behaviour.

c. General. March was another quiet month in a long series, and the general feeling of security at Salalah was unimpaired. No enemy fire has now landed inside the wire since early September 1971. However, with the approach of the monsoon season, assuming enemy activity runs true to precedent, it is probable that he number of enemy attacks will increase considerably, though whether their accuracy will improve is open to question. Change over of RA personnel occurred during the month; the last members of the detachment, which is commanded by Major H . Sawry-Cookson, RA, arrived not he 20th