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Weather statistics
This data which was freely available misses "the elephant in the room" which governed our entire lives and the lives of all of the people in Dhofar

How much sunshine was there ?

Sunshine is incredibly easy to measure.

I recall that as a schoolboy I went out to the school observatory, climbed up a staircase on the south side and removed the card strip from the Campbell Stokes Sun Recorder at the end of each day. A glass globe focussed the sun's rays, as does a magnifying glass, and burned a line in a piece of card. The length of the charred line was then measured to record how much sunshine there had been that day (usually not a lot in Lancashire)
Surely the RAF could have afforded a glass ball and a bit of cardboard, stuck it on the side of the control   tower   and recorded what was the most significant weather statistic in the whole of Arabia ?