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  Mortality Statistics  
  The underlying table gives the mortality in hospital amongst casualties in different conflicts  
    Total Number of Patients Mortality in hospital (%) Comment  
  Crimean War Unknown 16.7 Official Figures  
  American Civil War Unknown 14.1 Official Figures  
  Boer War Unknown 8.6 Official Figures  
  WW I Unknown 7.6 Official Figures  
  WW II Unknown 4.5 Official Figures  
  Korea Unknown 2.5 Official Figures  
  Cyprus 71 4.3    
  Northern Ireland 654 6.4 Explosion Only  
  Northern Ireland 1,786 4.8    
  Falklands 233 1.3    
  Arab Israeli 4,500 2.3    
  Vietnam 13,050 2.0 Conventional Weapons  
  Small Arms - 4,565 2.2    
  Fragments - 6,631 1.5    
  Mines - 1,854 3.4    
  Oman(MFV) 73 2.7    
  Oman(JdeBC) 104 3.8    
  Mortality from wounds was very variable. In WWI wounds to the head and neck, the abdomen and the chest resulted in a very high mortality; 75% has been quoted

"Flesh wounds" to the extremities were less likely to result in death.

Since the use of blood transfusion, antibiotics and standardised surgical techniques gained widespread acceptance in the middle of WWII survival of those wounded who reached a surgical facility has been consistently remarkably high.